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How to Kick Start Your Data Science Journey: A Beginner's Guide to Key Concepts and Tools.

Feb 09, 2024 11:00 AM IST Asia/Kolkata | Duration : 1 hr

Speaker: Chhotoo Ghadge
  • Statistics: Essential for drawing meaningful insights from data, providing the analytical foundation.
  • Python and R: Versatile programming languages crucial for data manipulation, analysis, and exploration.
  • Machine Learning: Utilizes algorithms for predictive modelling, a key component in extracting valuable insights.
  • Participants will gain a fundamental understanding of the significance of Statistics, Python, R, and Machine Learning in the Data Science landscape.
  • Recognize these skills as essential components forming the core toolkit for successful data scientists.
  • Emphasize the interconnectedness of these elements in solving real-world analytical challenges.
  • This session is ideal for anyone aspiring to kickstart a career in data science.
  • Specifically tailored for absolute beginners with little or no prior knowledge of Data Science and Data Analytics.